*Source: BIR Study on the Environmental Benefits of Recycling, 2009

Lancing Metal Recycling is committed to providing the absolute best service and pricing for your scrap metal. We accept a variety of non ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum and brass.

Located at 100 Lancing Drive in Hamilton, Ontario and conveniently minutes away from the highway, we are a young company with a big will in the ever-changing scrap metal business. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service, fair prices, and honesty while helping the environment with by recycling scrap metal.

Recycling and the Environment

Recycling used materials and products reduces greenhouse gases, maximizes the use of natural resources, and diverts material from landfills. Recycling metals offer significant environmental benefits compared to mining new material; and because metals do not degrade during the recycling process, the recycling process can continue infinitely. 


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